Behind the Scenes


Behind the scenes

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Special Delivery is a ministry that serves to demonstrate God's love in a tangible way by providing meals to individuals and families in times of need. Persons make a one-year commitment to prepare meals as needed-usually approximately 3 times per year.


A Food Pantry is maintained at Grace Church to assist individuals and families in need. Non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products, paper goods, and cleaning supplies are available at no cost upon request. The Food Pantry welcomes donations of the items listed above, as well as monetary contributions.


Countless acts of service go on behind the scenes as our members use their gifts to serve God. While this list is in no way exhaustive, it illustrates many of the ways that God employs our skills to benefit His Kingdom.


  • Sewing
  • Graphic design
  • Computer/technology support
  • Filling communion cups
  • Yard work
  • Carpentry
  • Preparing/serving meals for bereaved families
  • Baking cookies
  • Assisting with baptisms
  • Washing toys
  • Folding bulletins
  • Secretarial assistance
  • Van drivers
  • Woodworkers
  • Cutting & pasting
  • Library assistance
  • Creating bulletin boards
  • Making telephone calls
  • Interior design
  • Painting
  • Providing transportation
  • Running errands
  • Writing
  • Hanging wallpaper
  • Nursery laundry
  • Assisting with weddings
  • Serving in substitute roles



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