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Welcome to the Children’s Ministries of Grace Church





Nursery Toddler

Prayer Kids


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At Grace we strive to provide a well-rounded, integrated program that will grow and develop children into the spiritual champion God intended for them to be. We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual development of their children therefore our purpose is to partner with parents in raising kids for Christ! Parents are always welcome to visit our programs, and are encouraged to participate whenever possible. Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, and “kid-friendly” environment. We pray that every child that comes through our doors will be warmly greeted, and feel welcome.

Our Core Values are the basis for our program development as listed below.

Kingdom Builders


Outreach & Evangelism


Matt. 4:19

Inspired by the Word of God


Bible Reading


Luke 4:4

Disciple Makers  



Matt. 28:19

Zealous of Good Works  



Titus 2:14

Open to God's Leading  



1 Thes. 5:17

Nourished by the Word  



Acts 5:42

Examples of Christ  

In Speech and Conduct

  Col. 3:17