Prayer Ministry

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Prayer is the primary way in which we interact with God. It is foundational to our lives, to our church, and to our ministries. We believe that God both desires and responds to our prayers.


The Upper Room Prayer Ministry exists to establish and maintain prayer as a chief priority at Grace Church. Participants are men and women who commit to the following:


  • To pray daily for our pastors, their families, and their ministries.

  • To pray a minimum of one Sunday a month during a Worship Service.

  • Attend quarterly prayer gatherings and an annual Prayer Retreat.


Involvement in Upper Room is a voluntary commitment of one year and is renewable.


The Prayer Chain is composed of individuals from our church family who pray faithfully for needs that are brought to their attention. We have seen many amazing results that can only be attributed to God’s response to our prayers. Prayer concerns may be shared by contacting the head of the Prayer Chain, through the bulletin response card on Sunday mornings, or by contacting the church office.