Student Ministry Purpose


"Whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life" John 5:24


 The VISION of Grace Church student ministry is to challenge students to . . .

The vision of Grace Church Student Ministry is to establish healthy Biblical families by challenging the next generation to KNOW Christ as their personal Savior, GROW in Christ by studying God’s Word, SHOW Christ by loving one another, and GO in the name of Christ to reach their generation with the gospel.


In order to help students make Jesus Christ the center of their lives our student ministry will challenge each and every individual student to . . .


  1. KNOW Christ (John 6:40) – We will provide opportunities for students to KNOW Christ as their personal Savior by putting their faith in Him. Every student who is exposed to our ministry will have multiple opportunities to hear the gospel and respond by placing their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  2. GROW in Christ (John 15:8) – We will provide opportunities for students to GROW in Christ by teaching them the fundamentals of being a disciple of Christ through solid Biblical teaching which will help students grow spiritual “fruit” in their lives. Every student will learn spiritual disciplines, the importance of spending time alone with God, and how to put their faith into practice.
  3. SHOW the Love of Christ (John 13:34-35) – We will promote an environment where students SHOW the love of Christ by accepting one another in a way that is observable and attractive to outsiders looking in. Every student, whether they are a regular attender or newcomer, will sense that they are unconditionally loved, accepted and welcomed as a valuable member of our student ministry.
  4. GO in the name of Christ (Luke 19:10) – We will challenge students GO in the name of Christ to live with a burden for the lost and equip them to communicate the gospel and defend their faith to their generation. Every student will understand God’s heart for the lost and use their gifts/abilities to bring new members into His Kingdom.


The GOAL of Grace Church Student ministry is to disciple servant followers who are equipped to . . .

The end RESULT of Grace Church Student ministry is to disciple each and every individual of the next generation to be equipped to . . .

  1. DEPEND on God through personal Bible study and prayer (LOVE OF GOD)
  2. LIVE all aspects of life based on Biblical convictions and discernment of God’s will through the Holy Spirit (LIFESTYLE/DISCIPLE)
  3. SERVE their peers and others using their spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities (SERVICE/MINISTRY)
  4. COMMUNICATE the gospel and DEFEND their faith (EVANGELISM)


Live Sacrifically.

What believers do


Mission Trip, Service Projects, Servant Follower, One on One Discipleship

Learn Biblically. 

How Believers Grow


Personal Devotion, Sunday School, Student Worship, Small Group Bible Study

Look to Christ.   

What non-believers hear


Invitation, Monthly Outreach Event/Activity, Personal friendship evangelism