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We have a wonderful staff of well-trained, experience caregivers who love working with children and caring for babies. Because we realize that you are entrusting us with your precious child, we place a high priority on maintaining a safe, secure environment.

Therefore we have some specific procedures that are necessary to meet this goal.


Secure Check-In/Release
Our security procedure includes: use of a security tag system to ensure your child will only be released to you. It is critical that you return the tag each time you pick up your child, as caregivers have been instructed never to release a child without the appropriate tag.


Well Children
Although we love all the children who come to the Nursery and the Toddler room, only well children will be admitted. Please check your child to make sure they do not have a runny nose, persistent cough, fever, vomiting, diarrhea or other flu symptoms. We do not administer topical or oral medications to children – parents are to attend to these themselves.


Change of Rooms
As your child grows and develops in ability and maturity, they will be moved from the nursery to the toddler room with your approval. Although we post an age limit for each room, the child can be retained in a room if they are showing signs of insecurity, or inability to attend to the Bible lessons in the 2 to 3-year old room.


Health & Safety Guidelines
It is our goal to have a clean room containing sanitary toys and equipment with only healthy children in attendance. Sanitation procedures include: 1) sanitation of the diaper changing pad and caregiver’s hands after each diaper change. 2) Emphasis on routine sanitation of all toys and equipment appropriate to the age of the child and 3) provision of clean sheets, blankets, and other linens for each child.


Snacks, Bottles, & Food
Parents are asked to provide specific instructions on the check-in form regarding your child’s diet. Snacks of Cheerios and crackers are available for children who are eating solid food. If your child has any food allergies, you are asked to mark those on the information sheet at check-in.